Why CDS?

“It’s just a database as a service, right?  Why wouldn’t I just put my data in SharePoint or MySQL or SQL Server or…”

This is a conversation I’ve had so many times in the XRM days.  Some day, I will be able to stop explaining that model-driven PowerApps run on the Common Data Service for Apps (CDS) and it’s the evolution of what we used to call XRM.  Name changes are hard.  Coincidentally, I just had a great conversation with @rappen and @ddlabar about this very topic on the XrmToolCast:


Just in case you are interested in the conversation (shameless plug, I know).  But I digress. 

The video below is how I typically talk to people about CDS to try to help them better understand what CDS is and why they might want to consider using it to build business applications.  The video assumes you already know Power Platform fundamentals.   It assumes you know the differences between canvas apps, model-driven apps, Flow, and CDS, but haven’t quite had that “lightbulb moment” when it comes to answering the question “Why CDS?”.  Hopefully this helps.  YMMV.


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