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Helpful walkthroughs, labs, and Expression Blend support for the WPF Toolkit

I’ve already blog’d about the WPF Toolkit & the WPF Ribbon Preview.  One of the things that may not be obvious, is how to get started with the new controls.  Buried inside the October 2008 Release page is a set of links for control walkthroughs, a nice Hands-in-Lab, and a helpful blog post explaining how to turn on Visual State Manager support for WPF in Expression Blend.  They are real easy to overlook.  I didn’t notice them the first time.  They are below the download links, after the release notes.  Yes, I am one of those guys that usually skips over the release notes and documentation and just starts tinkering.  I’ll never learn my lesson:).  I’ve provide direct links to those resources in case you missed them too! 

DataGrid Feature Walkthrough

DatePicker & Calendar Feature Walkthrough

Visual State Manager Overview.

Ribbon Feature Walkthrough

Hands-on-Lab: "What’s coming in WPF: DataGrid, Ribbon, & VSM"

Visual State Manager in Expression Blend

FOLLOW UP: RIA Dinner (Reston, VA)

Thanks to everyone who attended the RIA dinner on June 17th.  I promised to publish the deck and code James used as well as some follow up links.  Here they are:

Presentation – deck, code

Expression on microsoft.com – http://www.microsoft.com/expression/

Expression Community Site – http://expression.microsoft.com/en-us/default.aspx (lots of great resources on the "learn" tab)

Expression Design Forum – http://forums.expression.microsoft.com/en-US/design/threads/

Expression Blend Forum – http://forums.expression.microsoft.com/en-US/blend/threads/

Expression Blog – http://blogs.msdn.com/expression/

nibbles: snack tutorials for hungry designers – http://www.nibblestutorials.net/

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