Virtual Earth JavaScript Intellisense Helper codeplex project update for those who want to contribute

Unfortunately, there was a configuration snafu with the email address I gave out for you to request access to the project as a contributor.  If you you sent an email from a non Microsoft email address prior to this post, then you received a "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)" response.  I have fixed the problem, but it may take some time to replicate to all of our servers.  Please try again, if you still get a failure response, wait a day.  I assure you the email address is valid:).

I have completed refactoring source code project structure to enable better distribution of work across multiple contributors.  I’ve also created work items ready to be assigned to contributors.  So don’t be shy about contributing:).  The more contributors we have, the faster this turns into a useable solution for everyone! 

This will be the last time I blog from here about ongoing project issues.  All further project specific communications will be done via the codeplex project discussions tab.  I will, of course, make announcements about release on this blog:).

I will publish basic getting started instructions for contributors in the next day.  I will put the instructions on the discussions tab.

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