RELEASED: Virtual Earth JavaScript Intellisense Helper

We’ve officially released!  If you’ve been paying attention to the project, you might have noticed that there was a release on March 3, 2008.  I know a few of you have been paying attention because there were 58 downloads before we released the latest version:).  We held off on announcing the release because there was a last minute fix and we wanted to use MIX as a way to kick off the release.  If you aren’t familiar with the project, see my first post here.  The purpose of this project is to make the Virtual Earth developer experience better by fully enabling JavaScript Intellisense for the Virtual Earth Map Control inside of Visual Studio 2008.

I want to take a moment to thank the community for the HUGE outpouring of support for this project.  I announced the project on a Tuesday morning.  By then next day, we had 11 people volunteer to help develop the remaining pieces.  By Friday, we had our first release complete.  That is 4 days start to finish.  In reality, it was only 3 days since I spent most of the first day refactoring and setting up the project so multiple devs could work in parallel.  I am still in awe of how fast this release came together.  I never imagined we’d get a working solution in the hands of Virtual Earth developers so fast.  The credit goes to the community!  I coded VEMap & VEAltitudeMode.  Almost everything else was done by community devs.  Of the 11 devs on the project, there were really 4 folks who coded the majority of the classes & enumerations. 

Since we were able to able to get this project done so fast, it turns out we were able to use MIX as a way to create more awareness for the project.  Chris Pendleton used it in his Developing Applications with Microsoft Virtual Earth session.  You can watch his session, and all the other MIX sessions 24 hours after they happen at the conference at

You can get the latest release straight from the codeplex project at  Please download it, use it, and tell us how we can make it better through the codeplex project at  We already have a set of works items we are thinking about for the next release.  Let us know what we’re missing.

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