Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint

Are you interested in using Silverlight in SharePoint?  If so, you will definitely want to check out the Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint.  It’s chock full of samples that show you exactly how to do it! There are 6 samples including the obligatory Hello World WebPart, how to interact with SharePoint lists, call WCF services, create custom field types, etc.  My favorite is "SilverlightPart" which gives you a generic WebPart for displaying Silverlight 1.0 XAML & JavaScript files or Silverlight 2 .xap files.  Each sample has a code walkthrough, setup instructions, a video demonstrating the sample, and the source code available for download.  I had a bit of trouble getting my SharePoint VPC configured so the Blueprint would work.  Patrick Tisseghem has a nice description of what you need to do here.  Part 6 in his post has a link to download a screencast where he walks you through the configuration step by step.  I highly recommend the screencast.  Watching it will most likely save you time and headache:).

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