DC Launch Follow Up

Thanks to everyone who stuck around for my "Defy Occasionally-Connected Challenges With Smart Client Applications" session at the DC Launch.  The deck and demo files are available here:


Workflow Services Demo

Sync Services for ADO.NET Demo

Server Database

The demos require Visual Studio 2008 and depend on a SQL Server 2005 database.  I made the database available for download as well.  You’ll have to attach it to your SQL/SQL Express instance and make sure the connection strings in the project are correct.  You’ll notice that I didn’t include a download for the WPF demo.  That’s because the UI in the Sync demo is the exact same UI from the WPF demo.

I mentioned recorded/upcoming webcasts a few times during the presentation.  You can find a list of all my recorded webcasts at http://devkeydet.com. Here are the recorded webcasts related to the topics I covered:

Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation ***

Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation ***

Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation ***

Smart Clients: What’s New in Visual Studio 2008?

Introduction to LINQ + LINQ to SQL

What’s New in the WCF and WF in Visual Studio 2008 & the .NET Framework 3.5

Building Workflow Services (WF+WCF) with Visual Studio 2008

Building WPF Applications in Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Blend

*** These webcasts are fairly old.  They are based on .NET 3.0 / VS 2005.  The core concepts obviously apply, but the developer experience for all of these technologies has greatly improved in Visual Studio 2008.

I also mentioned my webcast on Thursday.  I’ll be presenting a deeper dive into the Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET.  Details are here.

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