WEBCAST FOLLOW UP: Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET

UPDATE: I have added a recording link for this webcast to My Recorded Webcasts list.

Thanks to everyone who attended.  Sorry about the Live Meeting slide animation issue.  Hopefully the webcast was still valuable even with the difficulties.  Here are the links to the deck & demo code:


Sync Services 101 / Going N Tier Demo (first two demos)

Filtering Data

Applying Additional Server Logic

Conflict Resolution (from synguru.com)

Server Database

The demos require Visual Studio 2008 and depend on a SQL Server 2005 database.  I made the database available for download as well.  You’ll have to attach it to your SQL/SQL Express instance and make sure the connection strings in the project are correct.

The conflict handling demo is a direct link to the demo from http://syncguru.com.  Remember there are some great advanced samples and demos there as well.  There is also some good information about the next version too.

Lastly, I didn’t really call this out in the webcast, but Sync Services is a piece a much larger puzzle called the Microsoft Sync Framework.  You can learn more about the future of sync at http://www.syncguru.com/projects/SyncServicesDemoConflictHandling.aspx.

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