FOLLOW UP: Developer Dinner on Silverlight 2

Thanks to everyone who attended!  Here are the download links I promised:

Deck: Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 2

Code: My Digg Sample

The sample app is based on Scott Guthrie’s First Look at Silverlight 2 blog series.  I added some things here and there.  If you want to see the same basic demo again or you want to pass it on to someone you are in luck because I created a three part channel 9 screencast people can watch:

SCREENCAST: Silverlight 2 DIGG Sample

After the dinner, someone asked about using Silverlight with SharePoint.  If you are interested in this scenario, you will want to check out this post:

Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint

UPDATE: After the DC dinner, I promised to link people to my post on Silverlight 2, Accessibility, Section 508, etc.

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