Microsoft ESP Developer Conference

My team is sponsoring this conference on May 22nd in Reston, VA.  If you are in the DC area (or feel like traveling here) and interested in simulation software, then stop by!

About the Conference

Join us for a day of developer-oriented technical sessions featuring Microsoft® ESP™.  Microsoft® ESP™ is a visual simulation platform that brings immersive games-based technology to training and learning, decision support, and research and development modeling for government and commercial organizations. Come and learn how this all-in-one simulation platform of Microsoft ESP consisting of a simulation engine, development tools and rich content can help you quickly build affordable, extensible, high quality simulation solutions that can tie in with external solutions and integrate with industry standard input/output devices and database-driven content. You will also learn about the Microsoft ESP SDK that consists of four primary systems, some of which contain their own additional SDKs for specific topics:

  • Programming System
  • Terrain and Scenery System
  • Mission System
  • Object Modeling System

The sessions will allow you to:

  • Experience the development of richer solutions more quickly and focus on content that’s specific to your solution by starting from the rich base world content that comes with ESP.
  • Design using the platform’s model of planet Earth, built-in physics engine, numerous aircraft types, scenery and terrain, and a fully-configurable weather system.
  • Achieve "you are there" realism with highly-detailed terrain and seascapes in all seasons, active wildlife, real-world motion, realistic night skies, continuous time of day, accurate vector data and buildings, 5.1 multi-channel surround sound, and much more.

These sessions will target Developers, Architects, technical managers and Web designers, be very much demonstration oriented, and will be delivered by seasoned developers with experience in Government and Public Sector. Seize this opportunity to immerse yourself in this exciting new technology!


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