Virtual Earth Wrapper for Silverlight (VIEWS)

At MIX 08, Chris Pendleton announced that the Virtual Earth team is working on a Silverlight 2 control.  The idea of being able to use managed code instead of JavaScript to build your Virtual Earth applications is very appealing to many.  I know many people are eagerly awaiting the Silverlight 2 control from the Virtual Earth team.  No, I don’t have any news on when that control will be out, but I do have some good news.  There is an interim solution for those of you dying to write some managed code in the browser instead of JavaScript.  Adam Eversole, from Microsoft Research, built VIEWS precisely for this scenario.  VIEWS was originally a internal-only project at Microsoft.  When Adam shared his work, he immediately received a number of requests to make it public.  I am happy to report that Adam was gracious enough to share the love!  I worked with Adam, John Pelak, and Jared Bienz to get this out to the world.  The real credit goes to Jared though.  He did all the work of getting VIEWS ready for public consumption.  So what are you waiting for?  Hop on over to to get your hands on VIEWS.  Jared also recorded a Channel 9 screencast at that gives you a quick intro.

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