WPF DataGrid, DatePicker/Calendar, VisualStateManager (VSM) and more…

Good news for WPF developers, the WPF Control Toolkit is evolving rapidly.  The kit is available from the WPF codeplex site (http://www.codeplex.com/wpf).  There’s a brand new release available with v1 of the DataGrid.  There’s also a DatePicker/Calendar control and a preview of VisualStateManager (VSM).  If you are not familiar with VSM, then have a look at this 4 part blog post explaining it.  You’ll also find links to download a few other previews in the WPF Futures section.  The one that caught my eye was the Client Profile Configuration Designer which is “a designer to help you make custom branded installation experiences using the Client Profile.”  Last, but not least, you will find instructions to download a preview of the WPF Ribbon control here.  However, the page says “Coming Soon.”  I tried to follow the instructions, but the download isn’t available yet.

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