Improve WPF application deployment with the Client Profile Designer

Sorry for repurposing content, but this one is easy to miss so I think it is worth it

“The Client Profile Configuration Designer is the designer for the .NET Framework Client Profile. It will allow developers to customize the end-user deployment experience. The customizations allowed using the Client Profile Configuration Designer are:

  • Customization of the user interface
    • Customize the size, position, framing, background colors, fonts, etc. of the installation window
    • Choose to display the license agreements required by the products being installed
    • Choose whether or not to acknowledge the end of the installation process or immediately launch an application
    • Choosing the products to deploy with your application
  • Choosing the products to deploy with your application
    • Choose what prerequisites are required by the application and install them
  • Choosing how to deploy your application
    • Application deployment can be done over the web or from Media for an “offline” deployment experience”

The Client Profile Designer was released as part of the WPF Futures release of the WPF Toolkit:

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