ANNOUNCING: Developer Dinner On Demand

My team delivers a monthly Developer Dinner for US Public Sector Partners in Reston, Virginia.  At the dinners, we give 90-120 minute developer focused presentations on recently released / future developer technologies.  We have had great success with the dinners over the years.  Much of the success can be attributed to Robert Shelton who began the series a few years ago.  Robert has since moved to a new team within Microsoft.  I have the pleasure of assuming responsibility for the dinners. 

There are two challenges with the dinners we’d like to solve.  First, they have become so popular that we have to cap registration at a number that will ensure we don’t have an overcrowded room. Second, only people in the DC metropolitan area get an opportunity to attend.  Our team is focused on all customers/partners that do work for the US Public Sector (Federal, State, and Local Government).  Clearly, there are more customers/partners in the US than just the DC area:).

Moving forward, all of our dinners will be recorded and published for on demand viewing.  We’ve already had two dinners this fiscal year., but unfortunately we weren’t able to record them.  However, I am in the process of recording and publishing both of them.  I’m just redelivering the content in my office in order to record them (without an audience).  In the future, you can expect these to be live recordings complete with customer Q&A.

How do you keep up with the recordings?

First, you can bookmark  This will contain a running list of all the recorded dinners.  The first recording is available now!

Second, I have created a DevDinner tag on the my team’s blog:



I will make sure this tag is used only for upcoming dinner announcements, follow up links/downloads from presentations, and notifications when dinners are published.

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