DESIGNER DINNER: Expression Blend 2 deep dive

Sorry for the late notice, but my teammate James is hosting a Designer Dinner on Expression Blend 2 this Wednesday.  James is the new User Experience Evangelist (UXE) on our team.  The Designer Dinners are much like the Developer Dinners my team has done for the last few years, except the content focuses on the user experience side of software development.  I will publish announcements for the Designer Dinners under the same tag as the Developer Dinners on my team blog:

Just like the Developer Dinners, moving forward we going to try to record the Designer Dinners and make them available on demand:

We haven’t quite gotten all the kinks out when it comes to recording these, but we’re working with the operations staff at the Reston office to make recording easier.  For now, our “plan B” is to have the presenter wear a Bluetooth headset while they are presenting.  Someone commented how annoying the headset was at our Public Sector Developer Conference in Reston, Virginia earlier this month. I completely understand, but it is the best we can do right now to get these recorded and made available to a broader audience. I’m hoping the updates to the audio system in Reston will be complete soon!

Here are the details for the dinner:

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