DevDinnerOnDemand: Building Business-Focused Applications Using Silverlight 2 and Beyond

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Business-focused applications, sometimes referred to as Line Of Business (LOB) applications, are almost universally about working with data in some shape or form.  At it’s a heart, a business app needs:

  • A way to move data between tiers
  • A way to shape data (sort, filter, etc.)
  • A way to bind & display data
  • A way to soundly apply business logic

What you will learn:

In this session, we’ll start off by discussing approaches to building this kind of functionality TODAY using Silverlight 2.  Next, we will give you a peek into how a future version of Silverlight will make building these applications even easier.  You will learn about an exciting new technology that is all about making business applications for RIA (Rich Internet Applications) much easier to build.  You will hear how we’ve made n-tier application development as simple as traditional 2-tier, provided application level solutions to developers, and how we’re doing all of this with the same .NET platform and tools on both the client and server.

View Recording:

Follow up resources (links, deck, code) from the dinner are available at:

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