Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI)

I’ve been relatively quiet on the blog lately.  I’ve made hints in a couple posts that I’ve been working on a fun little Windows Azure project that has been consuming my time.  Well, I can finally talk about it a little more.  Keith, a manager on my team, blogged about OGDI on my team’s blog:

Check out the blog post.  I’ve had my hand in many parts of the OGDI codebase.  I plan on writing a series of posts explaining different parts of the OGDI code.  We are also planning a Developer Dinner in Reston, Va later this month that will focus on “how we built it.”

We will be making the entire source code for this solution available on CodePlex.  We’re currently going through code cleanup, review, etc.  The process for putting code up on CodePlex is a little more involved for Microsoft employees.  Rest assured we are working hard to get it up there!

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