SnagL: Visualizing Government Data using Silverlight

My job at Microsoft is to focus on developers building software for the U.S. Government (directly or indirectly).  When talking to folks about Silverlight, I get asked quite often whether it is being used on U.S. Government networks (including classified networks) all the time.  You can imagine, due to the potential sensitivity of the customers/question, this is hard to answer other than “Yes, in many places.”  That’s why I am excited to have published an interview with Berico Tailored Systems about their product called SnagL.  Here is the interview description:

SnagL, from Berico Tailored Systems, is a thin client collaborative link analysis tool, which can be integrated with any existing tool or data repository.  Advanced analytics, like clustering and ranking, enables users to intuitively navigate massive amounts of data through a thin client in a web browser.

SnagL is used by U.S. Government customers to help visually analyze, determine relationships in, and make decisions based on data.  Watch the interview with members of the team to learn about the product, see a demo of it in action, and how it uses Silverlight to deliver compelling data visualizations that go beyond what you might expect from a browser based application.  The team also gives you a history of their early adoption of Silverlight, evolution of SnagL, and how Silverlight enabled them to “see things you wouldn’t normally see just looking at the data.”  They also talk about how Silverlight gave them a level of performance and visualization in the browser unmatched by their previous approaches.  Finally, the team shares their excitement to start incorporating capabilities coming in Silverlight 3.

You can watch the interview at

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