Hello, anyone out there? (aka I’m back)

My blog has been dead for quite some time.  My last post was over a month ago.  I haven’t given up on blogging.  I took the last month off to bring my new son into the world.  I’m back.  It will take me some time to get caught up from being away from work for a month.  I will be blogging again in the coming weeks. 

Over the last few months, I have been spending most of my time on Windows 7 related work (mostly multi-touch) and learning what’s new SharePoint 2010 for developers.  I’ll be sharing some of the things I have learned about Windows 7 development at our next Developer Dinner.  Here’s the link to the announcement on my team blog:

Microsoft Developer Dinner Series for Partners: Developing for Windows 7 using the .NET Framework

As for SharePoint 2010, well there isn’t much I can share just yet.  We’ll definitely have a developer dinner on SharePoint 2010 for devs.  My team is also planning a full day SharePoint event in November.  The event will be delivered in DC and Reston.  The DC event will also be available online.  More details are available here:

Maximize Your SharePoint Investment: Leverage It as a Development Platform!

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