Random Hacks of Kindness Disaster Relief Codejam

Be a part of the Random Hacks of Kindness Disaster Relief Codejam on June 4-6 in Washington, DC.

From the http://rhok.org site:

“Random Hacks of Kindness: a community of developers, geeks and tech-savvy do-gooders around the world, working to develop software solutions that respond to the challenges facing humanity today.”

From the http://rhokdc.eventbrite.com/ event registration site:

“It is an initiative that brings together disaster relief experts and software engineers to work on identifying key challenges to disaster relief, and developing solutions to these critical issues. This Codejam is the second in a series of Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) events that will bring the best and brightest together for a ‘give camp’ to solve real world-problems related to Crisis/Disaster Relief.”

The Disaster Relief Codejam is sponsored by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, NASA, and the World Bank.  It should be an exciting combination of geeks with different technology backgrounds coming together to solve problems for the greater good.

I have yet to participate in the “give camp” community activities that have been going on in the DC area.  I’ve heard all sorts of great stories from them.  This will be my first.  If you have time, consider donating it by participating in this event.

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