SHAMELESS PLUG: My First WP7 Marketplace App

UPDATE: A great majority of people never look at an app unless it is free.  Even though the manual rate lookup feature of my app is free through trial mode and never times out, I decided to publish an identical version of the app with trial mode behavior called “Free Per Diem Rates” so the app is more discoverable to those who won’t bother looking at an app unless they see FREE.

I’ve been working on an app for Windows Phone 7 in my spare time.  The app is for business travelers whose employer’s policy for travel expenses is based on US Government per diem rates.  It’s been live in Marketplace for a couple weeks now, but I have been iteratively improving it.  Here is the description from Marketplace:

Look up US Government per diem rates. The manual lookup functionality is FREE and works in trial mode without expiration. GSA rates are currently available in the application. DoD and State Department rates are coming soon. Paid users get the following features:

  • Look up rates using phone location
  • Look up rates using text search
  • Save found rates to favorites

App link:

Free version: (no link yet…search for “Free Per Diem” in marketplace)

Here is a short video walkthrough of it running in the emulator:

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