Do you want to customize help in CRM 2011?

I’ve run into a number of customers/partners who want to customize or replace the out of the box help in CRM 2011.  The guidance in the SDK is to host your custom help documentation in your own web site and surface in the CRM UI from the Get Started pane:

However, for some, this is not enough.  Usually, the scenario is something like:

“We’ve done heavy xRM customization such that the built in help is out of context and confusing for our users.  We want to either modify, remove, or replace the built in help to eliminate the confusion to our users.”

After asking around internally about this, I was pointed to the following Connect feature request entry:

So if you feel strongly about the need for this capability, make sure you vote!

NOTE: If you are having issues with the voting link, then you might have to do the following first:


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