CRMUG: Transforming Policy to Economic Growth with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

NOTE: This is a copy/paste/minor tweak of an email invite I got from someone on my team.


The Microsoft Dynamics® CRM User Group (CRMUG) has monthly open forum discussions of Dynamics CRM issues facing Public Sector organizations today.

The next web meeting will take place Thursday, May 3rd 2012 at 1pm EST so don’t miss this opportunity!  This month’s topic is geared towards government business decision makers who are interested in discussing ways to solve some of the most pressing public policy issues with CRM.
In this meeting, the topic of discussion will be “Transforming Policy to Economic Growth with Microsoft Dynamics CRM”.  Our guest speaker and moderator will be Herbert Quinde, State of Illinois Chief of IT Policy and Planning.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is increasingly becoming a strategic asset for public sector.  This sessions allows attendees to discuss how solutions, like CRM, are critical in the public sector  by transforming how Federal, State & Local governments address changing processes and manage organizational business for future success. The ultimate goal is always to help shape our communities through innovation and time amongst this thought leadership group is part of achieving that goal.

This session is part of a quarterly focus Public Sector Special Interest Group (SIG) to provide business leaders the opportunity to review issues and experiences with Dynamics CRM. Participants are encouraged to share, listen, and learn about experiences in order to build cutting-edge programs and solutions that drive real impact for a better tomorrow in the public sector.

Participation in these webinars is free of charge and open to all Microsoft Dynamics CRM users within Federal, State & Local governments so don’t miss your opportunity to register!         

Event Details

· What: Open Forum Webinar for Federal, State & Local Government Dynamics CRM Users

· Who:  Government IT and agency leadership

· Where: Online

· When: May 3rd, 2012 from 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

· Why: To share and learn about Dynamics CRM experiences in the public sector


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