REMINDER: SharePoint BCS connector for CRM

I’ve been going through a bunch of CRM integration scenarios to refresh my “hands on” abilities.  You have to do that in a job like mine, otherwise you’re just a talking head that doesn’t know what you’re talking aboutSmile.  Anyway, the topic of integrating CRM with SharePoint beyond what’s available out of the box comes up often.  Two sessions worth watching to understand some of the possibilities are:

They are very similar sessions, but from two different presenters.  One of the things covered in these sessions is how to integrate CRM and SharePoint through BCS.  The trick to doing it productively is the sample code Chris and Girish made available here:

With this, you can now open up the world of possibilities that SharePoint BCS enables including cross entity searching.  See Configuring Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Search in SharePoint 2010 as an example.


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