Controlling CRM 2011 popup windows

Now and then, I hear from users that don’t like the fact that CRM loads screens in distinct windows in certain scenarios.  I can understand how these windows can get a little daunting if you have too many open and are switching context between multiple windows on your desktop.  However, this is actually a really nice to have capability when you are working in a multi monitor setup.  A tip that I have been sharing quite a bit lately, but have yet to blog about is to use the features of your browser to control the behavior if you prefer not having to deal with the separate windows.  Specifically, change your tabs configuration:


Now let’s walk through the behavior.  I’ll start by clicking an Account record:


Notice how the account opened in a new tab next to my first tab:


Again, I will click something that would traditionally give me a popup window.  Now there is a third tab:


There’s also a natural “breadcrumb effect” because the tabs are in order left to right of how I interacted with them.  Also, when I close the rightmost tab, I’m back where I came from, and so on.  So if you are in the “I don’t like all these popup windows” camp, this will hopefully help you out.


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