UPDATED SAMPLE: CRM 2011 Windows Store App OData helper

I worked with a partner, EastBanc Technologies, who used the approach I blogged about here and here to build a Windows Store App for a Dynamics CRM solution.  The folks at EastBanc Technologies found some bugs.  We worked together to fix the bugs and they were gracious enough to let me share their changes.  I’ve uploaded the updated sample here:

Visual Studio 2012 Source Code: http://sdrv.ms/S3MND1

CRM Unmanaged Solution: http://sdrv.ms/RYzVzj

You will need the WCF Data Services Tools for Windows Store Apps and Visual Studio 2012 RTM.

If you’ve followed the two previous posts, you’ll notice that I uploaded my samples to new location on my SkyDrive.  The reason is that due to the final terminology for Windows Store Apps, I needed to refactor the solution/project files and class names.  While I plan on updating the walkthrough post when I have a spare moment, I wanted to get the changes published.  Hopefully, the naming changes are obvious enough for folks until I get that post updated.


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