WEBCAST: CRM 2011 Team Development With Shan McArthur

UPDATE: If you missed the webcast, you can watch the recording via the details link below.

Team development for Dynamics CRM 2011 customizations is a topic I get into often with customers and partners.  The best, most comprehensive session I have seen on team development with Dynamics CRM 2011 was delivered by Shan McArthur (blog, twitter) at eXtreme CRM (Las Vegas) this year.  My biggest frustration about his session was that only the people at eXtreme CRM could benefit from knowledge he was sharing.  Good news!  Shan’s delivering an updated and extended (2 hour) session on this topic for the XRM Virtual User Group on 11/29/2012 (sorry for the short notice).  Details here:


This is a MUST SEE webcast in my opinion.  Watching it just may improve your life as a Dynamics CRM developer.

NOTE: The “Register for Event” button will be disabled unless you are signed in to the site.  Have no fear, there is also a “Attend Live Meeting Here” link on the page in the event you are undecided about becoming a member.  If you aren’t a member, you should be (it’s free). 


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