CRM Online & Windows Azure: Configuring Single Sign On (SSO)

NOTE: While these instructions may work, they are fairly old.  If you are using Visual Studio 2013, there’s a much quicker way to accomplish the same end goal.  See:

In this video, I walk you through how to configure Single Sign On (SSO) across CRM Online and Windows Azure using Visual Studio 2010.  My walkthrough is based on the Web Single Sign-On with .NET and Windows Azure Active Directory walkthrough, but adds the nuances of getting this working with Windows Azure & Visual Studio 2010.  If you are using Visual Studio 2012, follow the instructions in the link.  If you are using Windows Azure Web Sites instead of a Web Role, then there is an even easier way to configure SSO:

In the video, I use Fiddler to redirect https traffic to the Windows Azure Compute Emulator.  You can download it here:


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