Contributing to Azure Quickstart Templates for Azure Government

The Azure Quickstart Templates are community contributed ARM templates to help people get started with and accelerate the deployment of common scenarios in Azure.  Unfortunately, many of the templates don’t work in Azure Government.  Since these templates are contributed by the community, the original contributors may not even know that they need to update their templates.  The good news is that ensuring new templates work in multiple Azure environments is part of the current guidance.  However, for existing templates, it’s going to take members of the community, like you and me, to ensure that these templates get updated.  I’ve updated a few of them already. 

Based on feedback from others who I’ve been helping contribute, I’ve recorded some “how to” videos that focus on the Azure Government specific nuances.  I’d like to encourage you to consider contributing.

I’ve organized this into two parts.  The first part really just focuses on the GitHub part of contributing.  In fact, the template in the first video already works with Azure Government.  I really just walk you through how to update the file and metadata.json file, then submit the pull request.

In the second video, I make a number of common changes necessary in order to get a template deployable to Azure Government.

While this walkthrough focuses on Azure Government, these are the same kinds of changes necessary to make templates deployable to other environments like AzureChina, Azure Stack, and others.



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