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Police Department Protects Citizens … with Windows 7

Pat Weikle, who is an Architect Evangelist on my team, just blogged about some great work he was a part of:


Here’s a blurb from the official case study:

“The Vernon Hills Police Department wanted to support the work of its field officers by installing in-vehicle video recording systems in police cars. After evaluating available solutions, the department chose the Mobile Video Platform from Modularis, in conjunction with the Windows 7 operating system and the Windows Azure cloud computing platform. The solution has saved the city money and has become an invaluable job tool for field officers.”

Not called out specifically in the case study, but the application running in the police cars is a WPF app.

MUST READ: A Guide to Claims–based Identity and Access Control

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Joel just blogged about this on my team blog with a curious title of “If you are a government developer please read this”:


Any “enterprise” customer really should read this guide and start thinking about moving towards a clams-based approach.  Furthermore, if you want to move your apps to the cloud, then a claims-based approach is a no brainer.  In most cases, it is a must!

Windows Azure Dynamic Scaling Sample

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Just came across this one.  I haven’t checked it out myself, but it sounds promising.

“…  A question that is commonly asked is how to automate the scaling of a Windows Azure application. That is, how can developers build systems that are able to adjust scale based on factors such as the time of day or the load that the application is receiving? …”

I’m speaking at FedScoop’s Roadmap to the Cloud Summit

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My team is participating in FedScoop’s Roadmap to the Cloud – Presented by Microsoft on March 9th at the Ronald Reagan Building’s Pavilion room in Washington DC.  I’ll be presenting as part of the Developer Track.  My session is titled “Sharing Government Data through Windows Azure using OGDI & ‘Dallas’.”  My team is responsible for OGDI.  Come check out the event and dev track if you are interested Cloud Computing.  Full details here:


SCREENCAST: Running Reporting Services Reports in Windows Azure

digg_url = “http://blogs.msdn.com/devkeydet/archive/2010/02/24/screencast-running-reporting-services-reports-in-windows-azure.aspx”;digg_title = “SCREENCAST: Running Reporting Services Reports in Windows Azure”;digg_bgcolor = “#555555”;digg_skin = “normal”;


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In this screencast, I show you how to run a SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 report in Windows Azure using the ReportViewer control that ships with Visual Studio 2010.  As an added bonus, I demonstrate using ReportViewer against an OData service through the use of WCF Data Services client libraries and the ObjectDataSource.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Direct link to Ch. 9 post:


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Tallahassee follow up

Thanks for taking the time to attend our developer day! 

For resources from my Windows 7 for .NET Developers session, see this post:


The two decks and the GuestBook demo I used for the Windows/SQL Azure session are from the Windows Azure Training Kit:


The two helpful tools I demonstrated for SQL azure are:



These are MUST HAVE tools for anyone working with SQL Azure right now.

Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI)

I’ve been relatively quiet on the blog lately.  I’ve made hints in a couple posts that I’ve been working on a fun little Windows Azure project that has been consuming my time.  Well, I can finally talk about it a little more.  Keith, a manager on my team, blogged about OGDI on my team’s blog:


Check out the blog post.  I’ve had my hand in many parts of the OGDI codebase.  I plan on writing a series of posts explaining different parts of the OGDI code.  We are also planning a Developer Dinner in Reston, Va later this month that will focus on “how we built it.”

We will be making the entire source code for this solution available on CodePlex.  We’re currently going through code cleanup, review, etc.  The process for putting code up on CodePlex is a little more involved for Microsoft employees.  Rest assured we are working hard to get it up there!