Updated Virtual Earth Map Control demo code

UPDATE: I’ve updated the code to use the workaround described here.  If you downloaded this code before May 2nd, 2008 @ 7:30 PM EST, then you might download it again.  The URL is the same.

I’ve update my primary Virtual Earth (VE) map control demos. If you aren’t familiar with my VE demos, they are essentially all the samples from the Virtual Earth Interactive SDK redone in a Visual Studio solution. My directory structure maps almost identically to the steps treeview in the Interactive SDK:

 image image

Then, I sprinkle in a little ASP.NET AJAX and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) where these technologies can make building VE solutions easier. All you have to do is download the zip and you basically have the Interactive SDK code++.

Here’s what’s new in the updated code:

  • All pages use the 6.1 map control.
  • Cleaned up some AJAX code that still used really old previews from ASP.NET AJAX (Specifically Microsoft.Web.Preview.dll & Sys.Preview.UI scripts from the Microsoft AJAX Library).
  • Additional code cleanup.
  • All JavaScript files use the Virtual Earth JavaScript Intellisense Helper.
  • All JavaScript files have a reference to their corresponding .aspx page so we get full Intellisense for the Microsoft AJAX Library and any other additional .js files referenced in the ScriptManager.
  • 05 – Customize Shapes/CustomizeShapes.aspx.js has an example of how to restyle the VE InfoBox using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • 07 – Import Data/GeoRSS_Collections_KML.aspx.js shows how to import KML.
  • 08 – Custom Tile Layers/CustomTileLayers.aspx.js correctly shows the custom tiles. The web site is now configured to use a fixed port for the ASP.NET Development Server.
  • 10 – Route and directions/RouteDirections.aspx.js uses map.GetDirections() instead of map.GetRoute() since map.GetRoute() is deprecated. I also added a multipoint routing example.

You can grab the code here:


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