CRM Solution Manager

Full disclosure, I received a free license from the authors of the tool.  However, I do believe it’s definitely worth the license fee.

I’ve been using the CRM Solution Manager add in for Visual Studio quite a bit lately.  I’ve grown fond of using it over the Developer Toolkit for web resource development.  The biggest reason is because I can right click a set of web resources, deploy AND publish in one click:


Another nice feature is that it translates folder structures into web resource names that follow the relative url naming recommendations here:



One more web resource feature that’s nice is that it allows you to configure JavaScript and CSS minification during the deploy/publish process:


I uncheck these during development so I can debug the code, but it’s a nice way to get everything minified for your production release.  While I still find the Developer Toolkit useful for plugins and workflow activities, the CRM Solution Manager has become my tool of choice for web resource development.  It also has other nice features that I haven’t dug into yet.  Check it out! 


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