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ADO.NET Data Services for Java and PHP developers

Every time I talk about ADO.NET Data Services, I mention that they can be consumed by any API that allows you to make http requests.  I usually show how you can use the Add Service Reference feature of Visual Studio to generate proxy classes to make it simple to interact with the data service.  Finally, I mention that Java and PHP toolkits exist to accomplish similar levels of developer productivity.  However, I don’t think I have ever put links to those toolkits in any of my presentations.  Here they are:



SharePoint 2010 exposes lists as an ADO.NET Data Service.  Therefore, you can use these toolkits to interact with SharePoint!

FOLLOW UP: Developer Dinner on SharePoint 2010

Thanks to everyone for coming out.  As I mentioned at the dinner, we will skip December due to the holidays.  We will start up in January again.  Topic and date TBD.  Here’s the deck I used today:


Keep an eye out for the hidden slides.  There are quite a few more slides than I actually went through.

Hello, anyone out there? (aka I’m back)

My blog has been dead for quite some time.  My last post was over a month ago.  I haven’t given up on blogging.  I took the last month off to bring my new son into the world.  I’m back.  It will take me some time to get caught up from being away from work for a month.  I will be blogging again in the coming weeks. 

Over the last few months, I have been spending most of my time on Windows 7 related work (mostly multi-touch) and learning what’s new SharePoint 2010 for developers.  I’ll be sharing some of the things I have learned about Windows 7 development at our next Developer Dinner.  Here’s the link to the announcement on my team blog:

Microsoft Developer Dinner Series for Partners: Developing for Windows 7 using the .NET Framework

As for SharePoint 2010, well there isn’t much I can share just yet.  We’ll definitely have a developer dinner on SharePoint 2010 for devs.  My team is also planning a full day SharePoint event in November.  The event will be delivered in DC and Reston.  The DC event will also be available online.  More details are available here:

Maximize Your SharePoint Investment: Leverage It as a Development Platform!

WEBCAST: Microsoft and IDV Solutions at Work for the Enterprise

Jerry asked me to help spread the word.


Visual Fusion from IDV Solutions combines with Bing Maps, SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies to create a visual mashup platform, empowering organizations to unite data from otherwise incompatible sources – enterprise data stores, Web feeds, spreadsheets and more – into rapidly-built, interactive and collaborative applications that provide a single view of the data.

Join the Microsoft Bing Maps team, IDV Solutions and Directions Media for a complimentary webinar that discusses how the Bing Maps and Visual Fusion technologies can help you plan, predict and respond quickly, plus efficiently manage and analyze the overwhelming amount of data that flow through your agencies and departments on a daily basis.


Details here.

Visual Studio 2008 extensions for SharePoint v1.3

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I’m not much of a SharePoint dev.  I’ve taken a SharePoint development class, but that’s it.  I keep telling myself that I am going to dig in to SharePoint more. 

I know that many of the folks that attend the Developer Dinners are doing a fair amount of SharePoint development.  I just came across the announcement for a the CTP of the latest extensions to Visual Studio 2008 for SharePoint.  Based on my limited SharePoint dev experience, the new features in the extensions look like they will useful.  Details at http://blogs.msdn.com/sharepoint/archive/2009/01/12/announcing-community-technology-preview-of-visual-studio-2008-extensions-for-sharepoint-v1-3.aspx.

Learn how to develop on SharePoint

I’d have to say that my weakest area of development is probably SharePoint.  I know how to build a basic SharePoint web part and that’s about it.  I’m pretty much a dunce when it comes to SharePoint.  One of the things I’ve been telling myself for the last couple years is that I need to bite the bullet and "get smart" on SharePoint development.  For the first time in a long time, I have some down time so I am going to try to block of some time in the coming weeks to do so.  Where to start?  Paul Andrew blogged about a series of 10 MSDN webcasts covering SharePoint for .NET Developers.  All of the webcasts were recorded:

Web Parts

Data Lists


Event Handlers

Page Branding


Web Services

Page Navigation

User Management

Content Types

There is also a fairly new resource for SharePoint development at http://MSSharePointDeveloper.com.  These resources are where I am going to start!

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FOLLOW UP: Developer Dinner on Silverlight 2

Thanks to everyone who attended!  Here are the download links I promised:

Deck: Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 2

Code: My Digg Sample

The sample app is based on Scott Guthrie’s First Look at Silverlight 2 blog series.  I added some things here and there.  If you want to see the same basic demo again or you want to pass it on to someone you are in luck because I created a three part channel 9 screencast people can watch:

SCREENCAST: Silverlight 2 DIGG Sample

After the dinner, someone asked about using Silverlight with SharePoint.  If you are interested in this scenario, you will want to check out this post:

Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint

UPDATE: After the DC dinner, I promised to link people to my post on Silverlight 2, Accessibility, Section 508, etc.

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WEBCAST FOLLOW UP: Geospatially Enabling SharePoint with IDV Solutions’ Visual Fusion Suite

Thanks to everyone who attended.  Thanks to Scott Caulk from IDV Solutions for being a guest presenter.  You can find Scott’s deck here.  Scott also asked I post the following links for those of you who want further information:

IDV Solutions Website

Visual Fusion Product Brochure

As always, you can view a recording of the webcast using the original Geospatially Enabling SharePoint with IDV Solutions’ Visual Fusion Suite registration link.  The recording should be available within 24 hours.  I’ve also added it to My Recorded Webcasts.

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WEBCAST: Geospatially Enabling SharePoint with IDV Solutions’ Visual Fusion Suite

Microsoft Office SharePoint Services 2007 (MOSS) is rapidly approaching the 100 million licenses sold milestone and SharePoint consulting services are white hot.  IDV Solutions’ Visual Fusion software extends SharePoint to create a visual composite application platform, empowering users and the enterprise to consolidate data and services surfaced in SharePoint and then compose them in the context of location and time.  In short, Visual Fusion geospatially enables SharePoint.  This webcast will inform the Microsoft developer community about the capabilities of Visual Fusion, the primacy of location and time in organizing information, and how to quickly create compelling visual composite applications.  An application will be created from the ground up, combining structured enterprise data (SharePoint Lists & Libraries, SQL Server stored procedures) with unstructured workgroup data (Excel files, KML files, and SHP files), cloud-based data (KML feeds, RSS feeds, and WMS feeds, Map Point Web services, Virtual Earth), and ad hoc contributions from the user (map annotation).  The audience will see how the combination of Visual Fusion and SharePoint results in a geospatial content management system, how portal services (Search, alerting, the business data catalog, etc.) can be leveraged to supercharge visual composite applications, and how an RIA front-end will engage, create buy-in, and facilitate collaboration among users.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

2:00P-3:30P EST (11:00A-12:30P PST)

Register at this link:


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Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint

Are you interested in using Silverlight in SharePoint?  If so, you will definitely want to check out the Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint.  It’s chock full of samples that show you exactly how to do it! There are 6 samples including the obligatory Hello World WebPart, how to interact with SharePoint lists, call WCF services, create custom field types, etc.  My favorite is "SilverlightPart" which gives you a generic WebPart for displaying Silverlight 1.0 XAML & JavaScript files or Silverlight 2 .xap files.  Each sample has a code walkthrough, setup instructions, a video demonstrating the sample, and the source code available for download.  I had a bit of trouble getting my SharePoint VPC configured so the Blueprint would work.  Patrick Tisseghem has a nice description of what you need to do here.  Part 6 in his post has a link to download a screencast where he walks you through the configuration step by step.  I highly recommend the screencast.  Watching it will most likely save you time and headache:).

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